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iOS 4 Update

Update for August 4, 2010


The iOS4 update for Qik Video Camera Pro for version 4.68 users is also now ready.  This new update is called Qik Video Camera Pro version 5.0 and it supports iOS4.  The video API's that Qik (and many other video apps) were using for iOS3 are no longer supported by Apple, so everyone needs to update to iOS4 to use Qik.  This update will eliminate the blue tint problem.


Update for August 3, 2010


The update for QVC 4.50 is in the AppStore now! Go download and install the update, and your app should finally be up to speed and you'll be able to access your videos and start Qikking again.

The update is called Original Qik Update for iOS4. It is priced quite high, because we do not wish new users to download this app, but get the new app. You will not be charged again if you previously purchased QVC 4.50! The update will be available for a limited time only


As for our QVC Pro 4.68 users on the iPhone 4: The update just entered Review, so it will be available in 1-2 days!


Here’s what you can expect in this update:


iPhone 4 users (v. 4.68)


  • Blue tint issue resolved - Your videos will no longer have a blue tint after recording.
  • Better video quality - Both sharper picture (higher resolution) and smoother video (more frames per second).



QVC 4.50 users


iOS 4.0 Support

  • This update will enable you to recover and play your existing videos that have been locked in the app! 
  • You will be able to use the app in the iOS 4.0 and on the iPhone 4 if you are planning to or already have upgraded your entire phone.

New features

  • Better video quality - Both sharper picture (higher resolution) and smoother video (more frames per second).

  • No limits on video length.
  • Zoom and pause - Controls while recording videos.
  • Qik’s Video Share capabilities - Right as you are recoding, videos are uploaded to your personal page on qik.com and can be shared with anyone you like from there (If you don’t want to do this, you have the option to turn live sharing off).
  • Photo Capture – Freeze precious moments by snapping a photo right as you are recording videos.
  • Photo Mix – This cool effect lets you start with a picture and then erase parts of the picture to reveal the video.

What do I give up?

  • This user interface will be a bit different than your existing app.  In order to comply with Apple’s terms, we are not able to display a real-time preview of a number of the special effects.  You can still apply all of the effects, but you won’t be able to preview them all real-time. 



Please check back here for daily updates.