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What is Qik's Desktop App? What is Qik-in-Touch?

Qik has a desktop app called Qik-in-Touch that lets you:


Go live to your friends and family directly to their desktop

Simply invite your friends and family by clicking the Invite tab. Then once they download Qik-in-Touch it runs in the background and so whenever you start recording a live video - they are able to watch it instantly. 


Browse your and your friends videos

There's a cool tray of thumbnails of all your videos that you can click to watch your own videos. Further you can click the friends tab and select your friends from a drop-down list to view their videos.


Watch and interact with your friends - live!

Minimize the Qik-in-Touch application on your desktop. Then whenever your friends go live - you can watch them live and interact back with them using text chat.  


Overview video: 



Demo video:


Can I do a 2-way video chat session from my phone to the desktop?

Currently, 2-way video chat can be done only between two Android users.