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Windows Mobile



I accidentally deleted the pre-loaded Qik version from my Samsung Omnia II. Where can I get it again?

You can download version 5.30 here. However, it doesn't support location and sharing. If you want to get the full-featured version, please download version 4.21 or beta 4.22.


Where can I get the version for my Samsung Omnia with flash on/off option?

You can download beta 4.22 here.


Qik 4.21 is not working on my Windows Mobile smartphone (non-touchscreen).

The correct version for WM smartphone should be 2.44. You can download it at http://qik.com/dl/348.


I have Qik 2.44 on my HTC Snap and it's not streaming to my profile.

Sorry about it. This is a known issue. We are working on it and will let our users know once we have a fix. Meanwhile, you can still record a video using your built in Windows Mobile camera and upload/share through Qik. Though it's not live streaming :(