• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Getting Started





What is Qik?

Qik lets you record and share your everyday experiences as it happens with your family, friends and your favorite social networks through live video using your mobile phone. These videos are automatically saved on your home page on Qik, http://qik.com/[username], for you to cherish and playback from the computer and your mobile phone.



What do you mean live?

Live means that your family and friends can view the video as it is happening and interact with you through text chat in real time.



Why should I use Qik? 

How many times have your kids done something cute that you wanted to record, cherish forever, and share with family? Have you ever gone out with friends and wanted to capture a few moments from the night? Have you been at a clothing store or getting ready for a get together and wanted a second opinion on your outfit? 

As you can see there are hundreds of reasons to use Qik. Qik provides the easiest and fastest way to record life as it happens and share it with family and friends instantly.  



What do I need to use Qik?

All you need to get started is a Qik supported phone


Have an Android phone? You can download Qik directly from the Android Market

Have an iPhone? Download Qik directly from the the Apple App Store.

Have a Nokia smartphone? Download Qik from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Have a Blackberry? Download Qik from the Blackberry App World.



How do I record my first video?

Launch the Qik Client on your phone and press the big button to record and post your video live to your home page on Qik - http://qik.com/[username].



Where can my friends go to see my videos?

They can go to your Qik Home Page which is http://qik.com/[username]



Where can my friends go to see all my saved videos? 

They can go to your Qik Home Page and click the videos tab, or they can go to http://qik.com/[username]/video



Can everyone see the videos I record? 

Yes, as long as your videos are marked as public everyone can see them. 



How do I make my videos private so that I can only see them?

To mark your videos as private, so that you are the only one who could see them, start your Qik app and select the "set to private" option before recording a video. Alternatively you can go to your videos page and mark your archived videos as private or public. 


You can still share your private videos with your family and friends. Here is how.



How do I share my videos?

After you are done recording a video select the share option on your Qik client to share by SMS, Email and your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also share by visiting your videos page and selecting the share button next to your videos for more share options.  Click the "My Networks" tab from your home page to set up the links to your networks and edit the settings. 



Can I share my private videos? If so, how?

Yes, your private videos can be shared the exact same way as your public videos.



What does it mean to follow someone on Qik?

Following someone simply means to receive Qik updates from the person. When you follow someone, every time they post a new video - it will appear on your Qik home page under Recent Activity. Optionally you can be notified via email and SMS.



How do I know that someone is following me?

Qik sends you an email whenever someone new follows you.  Set up your notification preferences to notify you when you have a new follower. The "friends" link on your profile page or home page's sidebar will also tell you how many followers you have.



Do I have to pay to use Qik? 

Qik is a free service for your own personal use. However, you'll need a data plan to use Qik and the data rates as provided to you by your phone carrier / operator would apply.



Is Qik free for commercial use? 

Qik is not free for commercial use. Please find more information on our business solution here.



I'm running into issues and need help, what do I do?

Try to pick a relevant catogory to see if your problem has already been answered before sending us an email through our support form.  If we couldn't get back to you in a timely matter, please be patient and search the answer in this help page or support forum.


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