• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Common Questions



I tried to download Qik via SMS, but I didn't receive the sms or the sms link led to error.

This is a known issue. We are working on it. Please go to d.qik.com from your phone browser to download Qik. iPhone users can download Qik from Apple App Store, Android users from Android Market, Nokia users from Nokia Ovi Store and BlackBerry users from BlackBerry App World.



When will my phone be supported?

We have no ETA for any of our unsupported phones but will let our users know once we have a version for it. Follow us on Twitter, become a fan of Qik on Facebook or check our blog for the latest updates.




Can I watch live videos on my phone?

This is possible if your phone supports Flash Lite 3, or has Skyfire browser installed.



I shared my video via SMS but my friend didn't receive it. What did I do wrong?

You need to include "+ country code" in your friend's phone number.



Why am I banned?

You are banned either because you have violated our Terms of Service or another account was previously used on this phone and was banned by Qik. If you believe you did not do any of the above, please fill out the support form.


How do I set my videos as private by default?

You can change the privacy setting from your phone. Once it is set to private or public, it will apply to all future videos until you log off. However, the privacy setting for BlackBerry phones and Qik Live for iPhone can only be changed before streaming, not during streaming.

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