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Video Sharing Issues




How do I integrate Qik with my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LiveStream, 12Seconds.tv, Tumblr and Blogger accounts?

You need to first log in to your account, go to "My Networks" from the homepage and select your favorite network. Enter the relevant details and click on "Change Settings" (for Facebook you need to be signed in to Facebook.com in a different tab). Sign out and back in of the app on your phone to allow the settings to refresh from the server. That's it and you can now share your videos to social networks and bloggers.

An example of setting up Twitter is shown below :)


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Sign out and back in of the app on your phone to allow the settings to refresh.


I got an error message when I was trying to authorize my YouTube account via Qik.

If you get the following error message, please log off your Google account, clear your browser's cache or use another browser to try again.


"The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error".



I got an error message when I was trying to connect my Facebook account with Qik.

If you get a message that says "there is something wrong with your facebook account", please try the following:

1. Clear your browser cache.

2. Remove facebook integration from "My Networks" page

3. Do the whole set up again.




Why do some of my videos not get posted to Facebook?

Facebook has individual user limits on the number of videos that can be posted to Facebook using their video upload APIs. These limits are daily limits. Once the daily limit is reached - the Qik videos are not uploaded to Facebook.




How do I embed videos on my website/blog?

1. To embed individual videos:

Click "MENU" on the flash player and copy the code from "Embed". 


2. To embed live channel:


Live channel means when you start live streaming, the video will automatically play in the live channel. Otherwise, the latest saved video will be shown.


Click "My Live Channel" at your homepage and copy the embed code.




How do I post my video to Posterous?  

You can do so by emailing your Qik video link to post@posterous.com. Enter the title of the post in the email subject line and put the link in the email body. Posterous will automatically embed that video in the blog.   



How do I embed videos on my WordPress blogs?

There are 2 ways of embeding Qik videos to your self-hosted or WordPress.com blogs.


1. With the new 2.9 release, you can just paste your Qik video URL into a new line, make sure it is not hyperlinked and that's it.



WordPress will automatically convert that into an embeddd video when you view the post. 



You can even embed your live channel just by pasting your Qik profile URL, for example http://qik.com/jiuyu


2. You can also wrap the URL in the [embed] shortcode to get the same result. 


Embedding a Video:

To embed a video, grab the video URL and then use one of the following codes to embed it to your wordpress.com blog.


[embed]Qik video URL[/embed]

e.g. [embed]http://qik.com/video/3705334[/embed]


Embedding your Live Channel:

To embed your live channel all your need is your Qik username and the shortcodes below. 


[embed]Qik profile URL[/embed]

e.g [embed]http://qik.com/jiuyu[/embed]



How do I share my saved videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Bloggers, MySpace, etc?

Click "MENU" on the flash player then "Share".  Choose your favorite site under the "Networks" tab.  



Alternatively, you can click the Share icon on the left hand side of the flash player.



How do I edit Facebook permission settings?

Log in Facebook and go to "Setting" -> "Application Settings". Show "Authorized" applications and you should be able to find Qik there.



Can I share my private videos with designated people?

Yes! You can share private videos directly from your phone via sms or email.

You can also do so from "My Videos" page. Click the Share icon and under the "Friends" tab enter the email addresses of the folks you'd like to share the private video with.




Can my private videos be watched live by people I choose to share with?



Can my private videos be embeded on blogs?

Yes, they can be embeded on blogs. Simply grab the link and embed in your blog.


Brightcove Integration

What is Brightcove?

Brightcove is the leading online video platform used by media companies, business and organizations

worldwide to publish and distribute video on the web. Their platform is used by hundreds of professional

publishers to power online video initiatives that reach over a hundred internet users every month.


How do I setup my Brightcove account?

To get started, log in to your Qik account and click the"Edit Networks" tab. You will require both read and write publisher token. If you do not have a "publisher token", you will have to request one by visiting http://support.brightcove.com/en/contact




Fill up the form and indicate "Get Qik Brightcove Token" under the subject title. Submit the support request and you should receive the token shortly in your inbox.




Return to the "edit networks" page and enter both read and write tokens into the boxes. Do remember to create a default tag, These tags allow you to automatically organize all mobile content created by each user in the Brightcove media module. There is an option to "send all public videos" to Brightcove, however, on certain phones, there is the ability to share videos to brightcove manaually. Remember to hit save changes. 


Once that is done, your brghtcove account is now setup with your Qik account. You can start streaming videos to brightcove and it will appear under the media module.


How do I upload Qik videos to Brightcove?

Watch the video tutorial for details.



How do I broadcast live to the Brightcove player?

A plugin is available for Brightcove users to play live Qik videos from the Brightcove player. A Qik account is required for this purpose. If you don't already have a Qik account - you can signup for one at http://qik.com/signup.


The integration consists of a BEML template that loads a custom swf component that plays the live Qik video when the person is streaming live. The controls available for this player are:

  • Play / Pause: This is used to play or pause the live video

  • Mute / Unmute: This is used to mute / unmute the audio from the video


You can start streamling live to Brightcove in just 3 simple steps as described below. 


Step One: Create Brightcove Template

The first step is to create a new template in the publishing section of the Brightcove studio.



The code for the sample template is provided below.


  <Theme name="Deluxe" style="Light"/>
    <SWFLoader id="qikLive" source="http://qik.com/swfs/qikLiveModule.swf?3" width="500" height="380" 
             data="autoplay=true, username=broydemo"/>
    <MediaControls id="mediaControls" height="34" x="0" y="380">
      <HBox width="485" height="19" x="5" y="13" gutter="10">
        <ToggleButton id="playButton" showBack="false" iconName="play" toggledIconName="pause" label="PLAY" 
             toggledLabel="STOP" tooltip="Play Live" toggledTooltip="Stop Live" height="19" autoSize="true" 
             lockHeight="true" iconAlignmentH="left" labelAlignmentH="left" labelOffsetX="20" 
        <ToggleButton id="volumeButton" showBack="false" iconName="volume" tooltip="Mute sound" width="19" height="17" 
             toggledIconName="muted" click="{qikLive.callSWFMethod('toggleMute')}"/>


This example player has dimensions of 500x380. You may customize the size of the player at this point. If you do please do note that:


  • The size of the player will be determined by the size specified in the Edit Template dialog box

  • The size of the video will be the size specified in the SWFLoader tag

  • The dimensions specified for the MediaControls tag determines the size of the media control bar



To associate your Qik account to this player, specify your Qik username in the "data" attribute of the SWFLoader tag. Your Qik username is the username you use to login to your Qik account and is also part of your Qik profile URL (http://qik.com/yourusername).


Step Two: Create the Player

The next step is to create a new player and assign it the new template. This is pretty straightforward, the only customization that is necessary is enabling the ActionScript / JavaScript API in the 'Edit Settings' dialog of the Brightcove studio for that player. This is required to enable the interaction between Qik and the Brightcove API.



Step Three: Embed the Player

The final step is to embed the player created in Car Transport Step 2 to your own web page. To get the embed code press the button "Get Code" in the Players page of the Brightcove studio. This code then has to be customized as follows:


  • Add a parameter 'isVid' with a value of 'true'. This allows Brightcove's MediaControls to show up independently of the Brightcove video player which is missing from that template.


Please see example below on what the resulting code for Javascript would look like. Please note that you have to customize your own tag for this, since the 'playerID' and 'publisherID' parameters are specific to your account.



That's it - you are all set! Now, just start Qik on your mobile phone and go live to your Brightcove player.


Where can I seek help on Brightcove?

If you have any questios, please feel free to send us an email at Brightcove@qik.com.




VMIX Integration

What is VMIX?

VMIX provides a complete, white label, software as a service (SaaS) online video and photo platform, providing exceptional flexibility and control for today's highly interactive media, entertainment, non-profit, and business websites.



How do I set up the integration with VMIX?

  1. Login to Qik.com, go to Edit Networks and click on the VMIX icon. Don’t see a VMIX icon? Contact your VMIX account manager to get it enabled or send an email to vmix@qik.com
  2. Then click the big blue button that says “I am already a VMIX customer” and enter your Qik-VMIX upload token. If you don’t have your Qik-VMIX upload token please contact your VMIX account manager to get your special token.
  3. Then select the option to auto upload all your public Qik videos to VMIX. You can always skip this and upload individual videos by pressing the Share link below each video.
  4. Click Save and you are Done!



Where can I find my Qik videos on VMIX?

Next time you start streaming, your videos will appear in your VMIX Admin Console under Media / Assets as shown below.



How do I share individual videos to VMIX?

After your VMIX integration is set up, you can upload individual videos by pressing the "Share" link below each video. Select "VMIX" under the "Networks" tab and the video will be shared to your VMIX account.



For more information on the integration, please visit our blog or drop us an email at vmix@qik.com.



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