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Nokia N900

Nokia N900 Interface


When you start Qik and open the camera cover, you have the following options


Main Window Options:


  • Set title (pencil icon)
    • This brings up the 'Set Title' option window
  • Start/Stop recording (green button icon)
    • This starts and stops recording
  • Toggle privacy setting (lock/unlock icon)
    • This button immediately changes the state, and a banner notification window will momentarily show the new state
  • Exit Qik ('x' on top right)
    • Exits the application
  • Show main menu (top of screen)
    • The main menu will slide down from the top


Main Menu Options:


  • Sign off
    • Signs out of Qik
  • View Profile
    • Brings up an external web browser to your qik page
  • Settings
    • Brings up Settings options
      • Quality can be set to:
        • Minimum Delay
        • Maximum Quality
      • Location can set to
        • Off
        • City Level
        • Street Level
        • Track Live
  • Get more apps
    • Brings up external web browser to Ovi Store
    • As of 2009 NOV 27, this doesn't function on the Nokai N900, the device is not compatible with the Ovi Store.
  • Help
    • Brings up a short set of notes in an external web browser
  • About


Offline Video Modes


  • You can record offline videos by setting the N900 to 'offline' mode.  Press the power button quickly, and select "Offline mode".