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Getting Started

What is Qik? How do I use it?

Basic stuff to get you going.... 


Phone Related

How do I use Qik on my phone?

Download, features, etc.


Video Sharing

How do I share with Social Networks,

blogs, email, SMS, etc. 


Popular Topics


1. When will my phone be supported?

2. How do I delete a video?

3. I forgot my password. Please help?

4. How do I change my username?

5. Qik on iPhone

6. Qik on Android (New!)

7. How do I stop following someone?

8. Do I have the latest version of Qik?

9. How do I block a follower?


Qik.com Related

How do I use qik.com?

Reset password, Delete videos, etc.



How do I download and use Qik's desktop app?


New! Video Chat

How do I use?



API, Push Notifications and more.

You'll need an API key to get started



Community powered forum on



iOS 4.0 Update

What's going on with the update? 




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