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What applications are available from the Android Market?

Qik has 2 applications on the Android Market:

  • Qik for HTC EVO 4G: This application is specifically for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and has the video chat capability that has been optimized for this device.
  • Qik Video: This application is for all other Android devices


How do I do live video from Android phones?

  • From the main screen press the "Record" or "Video Camera" button
  • Wait for the green indicator button to turn green
  • Then press the big red button


You'll then be live on your account on qik.com (e.g. qik.com/your-username) 


How do I share videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Social Networks?

First setup the various social networks that you'd like to share your videos to. For more information visit the Video Sharing section. Once this has been setup, tap the Share button as shown in the image above and you can tap the social networks to share your videos to them. You can do this anytime during or right after streaming the video.


How do I share videos to via Email / SMS?

Click "Share" icon and then tap the button to add people from your phone contact list. Select the person you'd like to send an email / sms to. This would then add the person in you in the Speed Sharing Ribbon. You can then tap the person's avatar in the Speed Sharing Ribbon to share the videos with them.


Can I share private videos?

Sharing private videos is easy. Click - the lock button to make the video private. Then follow the steps as outlined above to share these private videos via Email, SMS.


What is Video Mail / Video Messages?

Sometimes you just want to leave a video message for someone and have the peace of mind that they'll be able to view the message no what device or phone network they are on. If the person you are sending the message to is a Qik user - they'll see the message in their inbox. If they are not a Qik user, they'll receive an SMS with a link to the video mail. This capability is called Video Mail / Video Message and can be invoked by clicking "Video Mail" or "Video Message" from the main screen. Then to view all your messages, click "Inbox" and to compose and send a message click "Compose".



Can I upload & share videos that I have recorded locally using my phone Camera app to Qik?

Yes, you can. Click on "My Videos" to view all your videos - local and on qik.com. Videos that are stored locally are marked "Local". Short tap to bring up the ability to upload and share videos. You may need to back to the record screen to make sure that the app is online (green dot next to Qik logo). If the dot is red, tap it and will start to connect.